And the fire is nice and warm and soothing and maybe you have a drink.

But you have to be careful not to fall asleep.
If the fire goes out, all the materials would have gone to waist, and you would dissapoint the village.

But once the fire is done, the limestone is finished and you let it cool down  


Calcium hydroxide. What happens then is that it turns into calsium hydroxide.


yes and its starts bubbling - .


corrosive. Its very corrosive is the right word.


Yes you have to be -


Like, its dangerous. It eats your skin. Super dangerous. If you make chalk you should, actually, you just shouldn't.

Just don't. Don't do it. Don't play with chalk.

A MOMENT OF SILENCE investigates the notion of belonging to a specific time, place and group. By playing with the concept of collective nostalgia and what details of history that are left untouched, Hestnes / Popović question how we define ourselves through collective experiences and how we pass this narrative on.

In this project the duo is collaborating with two young performers at the age of 10 and local volunteers. Collaboration with the local community through song heritage is an important aspect and the work is as much a practice of togetherness as it is a performance.

It has been developed at HAUT in Copenhagen, Rosendal Theatre in Trondheim, Freya`s moms neighbour`s camping wagon in Fyn and various locations for Skype meetings (before it became a global trend).

Concept/Directing: Hestnes / Popović

Musical directing: Lasse Aagaard

Lights: Ingrid Skanke Høsøien

Costumes and fabric work: Jenny Hilmo Teig

Performers: Freya Sif Hestnes, Marina Popović, Maja Skånøy (2019), Helle Adolfsen (2019)

Dramaturge: Andrea Skotland, Guro Stugu

Producer: Hestnes / Popović, Andrea Skotland

Co-producer: Rosendal Theater, Trondheim

Supported by: HAUT Copenhagen, The Norwegian Arts Council, Arts Council Denmark,

Fond for lyd og bilde, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Playwrights House Norway

Photos by: Hanna Fauske

Video teasers by: Jonas Langset Hustad and Andreas Schille